CE-5 Phoenix Report 01/28/17

Setting: My wife and I were out in the remote desert near Tucson.

Sarah: I was projecting an orb that that I created through my consciousness along a set path among the stars.

Ryan: At the same time, I was vectoring in an ET craft that was very bright white in color. Even when we first sat down, I was remote viewing it. It was very very bright and situated physically in a far away place in the universe. When looking up at the stars everything appeared to vibrate. I could see this vibrational energy all around me and felt as if we were encapsulated in some energy bubble.

Sarah: All of sudden a light ship appeared and followed the exact path of the orb that I had been projecting into the astral realm along some specific stars int he sky. The white orb moved very slowly in a horizontal fashion along the horizon about a half a mile from our site. At one point it failed in and out in intensity again before it disappeared.

Ryan: To me, the light ship was definitely white when I saw it.

Sarah: However to me, I perceived but to Sarah it was as light blue in color.

Ryan: The object was definitely conscious as we observed it and very responsive to Sarah`s consciousness.

Ryan: After the Ce-5, I have continued to sense ET presence during my meditations.

During lunch when I went to meditate I experienced a new vibrational energy that was pretty interesting. I was in a state of universal consciousness. When meditating on the structure of the universe I actually experienced a vibrational state in which the entire universe resonates at. I could literally feel it.

I could also sense some sort of benevolent/angelic ET being nearby. They literally sent me af thought telepathically to stop trying to control this vibrational energy and to let go. Once I did that, I was able to begin to experience this vibrational energy state. I believe the ET encountered actually enabled me to experience this universal

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