Welcome to our Celestial Ambassador group CE-5 Palm Beach County, Florida.

Come join us for a casual and informal meeting. Where the topic’s discussed often go beyond the speed of light and into other worldly energies and intelligent ET life forms. From making our planet a better place to live and to help promote free energy and to spread the word of our accomplishments and documented contacts.

To be open and honest in heart, and provide the scientific data and facts for those who seek the truth. We can share our thoughts, questions and ideas of how we might combine our single energies into a exponentially greater power. Please join us, as we open the skies and go beyond the stars with our peaceful thoughts. As we collectively send the signal of peace, for ET to come to us in any manner or form they choose in order to be safe, as we invite ET extraterrestrial life forms from other inter-dimensional worlds and guide them to our location.

We are welcoming like minded individuals to come and join our group in peaceful deep meditations. As we reach beyond the stars with our learned minds and open hearts to make celestial friends from far away …

CONTACT: Edward Schaerer

EMAIL: spacecowboy4peace@gmail.com

PHONE: 561-252-5263

Meetings are being held between
West Palm Beach and Boca Raton, Fl.

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About Edward

Greetings to my Cosmic friends. I am here to explore my own personal desire and interest in knowing the answers to many of the age old questions. And to unravel the truth from behind the many falsehoods that we had been led to believe over the past 2000 years and beyond. It is my wish to have a better understanding of how the energy and light of the universe works. Where do we as a human race fit into it, and how do we connect with the Creator, Supreme Being, Divine Light, God , Ultimate Life Force, or what ever it, he /she, may be. And to try and find the peace and harmony within myself, as this body of mine ages to a finite number of days before it expires and passes into what? Where will I go, and what will I do when I get there. Where is there? How does all of this work and what is my purpose? Perhaps I can learn how to position myself in this life through the use of deep meditation and other tools. To transend or project my thoughts in such a manner, and to be at the right spot at the right time. Whereas, I hope to get some of the answers that I seek to the many questions I have. Perhaps the answers to my many questions will be imprinted to me remotely by a benevolent alien that has come to me as a result of my CE-5 invitation. And why not? We are in fact making contact with other higher life forms, energies and humanoids not from this earth, and have been doing it for more centuries than we know. So, I will cross my fingers, use the tools at hand, learn more about meditative techniques and get out there under the stars and ring the preverbial Tibetan bell. Maybe they will hear me as I call them into my location. Answering my peaceful and open hearted invitation to come and enlighten me. "Profile Info is currently under Construction" and evolving...


  1. Author

    Yippie ! WE are now up and running as a CE-5 Group :)
    Special Thanks to Kosta and Annie !

  2. ETLT

    Hi Ed – page is looking good! You can use the comments area to keep your group up to date on dates, times, etc – ENJOY!

  3. Author

    Hello to my Cosmic friends.
    I happened to be in Michigan during the last two weeks of August 2016, and had an opportunity to be in a quiet rural country location. I went out on several evenings under clear skies with my lawn chair and Android ET Contact tool as I played the crop circle and Mt. Shasta tones, and listened to the field meditation tape as I overlooked about a 30 acre soybean field from around 10:00 to 12:30 PM. I was delighted to capture a variety of unusual items on my cell phone camera using a flash mode on every evening I went out. None of these images were visible to the naked eye. However, I captured a mixture of what I will refer to as “Rods”, “Cosmic Moth’s”, “Other Shapes” and a misty “Orb” over the several evenings. I cannot say with any kind of certanty as to what these images actually are, but I did snap them with my camera. I did in fact see a lot of airline jets crossing the sky,,, and, * one very unusual meteor or falling star that went vertically straight down very quickly in front of me, and was not going across the sky in a downward angle, but straight down. It was interesting. I will try and get some of the photo’s uploaded on this site as soon as I can. Everyone please feel free to give me your input in terms of the photo’s and what you think about them. Hopefully you will be able to enlarge to photos and move them around to see the images better. I have a lot more questions than I do answers. Edward :)

  4. Author

    Hi Friends, I just uploaded a bunch of enlarged and cropped photo’s from my CE-5 while visiting in Michigan. Check them out. I call them “Cosmic Moths”, “Rods”, and “Misc Shapes” Some images are harder to see that others, like they are in a mist or not being fully dimensional. There series of photo’s were taken on three different nights of going out, all under clear skies. Happy to get other peoples input and if they might have any insight.

  5. Mikeduby

    Hi brother Edward I look forward to joining with y’all on Saturday at the boynton beach inlet park.

  6. Mikeduby

    Hi brother Edward I look forward to joining with y’all on Saturday at the boynton beach inlet park. Thank you for forming this group Have a great week – light and love.

  7. Author

    TWO (2) for TUESDAY! To all who are interested in joining. CE-5 Palm Beach County is going to be doing “Two upcoming CE-5 Events” on two Tuesdays in a row. #1) October 18th and, #2) October 25th. Where? Boynton Beach Inlet Park meeting at the Pavilion where we met last time. What time? Meet at 9:00 PM, do a head count and then head to the beach. *Weather Permitting. Please RSVP with me. Thank you. Edward. :)

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