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ETLetsTalk ET/UFO Contact Retreats - 2017


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About Edward

Greetings to my Cosmic friends. I am here to explore my own personal desire and interest in knowing the answers to many of the age old questions. And to unravel the truth from behind the many falsehoods that we had been led to believe over the past 2000 years and beyond. It is my wish to have a better understanding of how the energy and light of the universe works. Where do we as a human race fit into it, and how do we connect with the Creator, Supreme Being, Divine Light, God , Ultimate Life Force, or what ever it, he /she, may be. And to try and find the peace and harmony within myself, as this body of mine ages to a finite number of days before it expires and passes into what? Where will I go, and what will I do when I get there. Where is there? How does all of this work and what is my purpose? Perhaps I can learn how to position myself in this life through the use of deep meditation and other tools. To transend or project my thoughts in such a manner, and to be at the right spot at the right time. Whereas, I hope to get some of the answers that I seek to the many questions I have. Perhaps the answers to my many questions will be imprinted to me remotely by a benevolent alien that has come to me as a result of my CE-5 invitation. And why not? We are in fact making contact with other higher life forms, energies and humanoids not from this earth, and have been doing it for more centuries than we know. So, I will cross my fingers, use the tools at hand, learn more about meditative techniques and get out there under the stars and ring the preverbial Tibetan bell. Maybe they will hear me as I call them into my location. Answering my peaceful and open hearted invitation to come and enlighten me. "Profile Info is currently under Construction" and evolving...

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