CE-5 Outing – Mt View Park, Fullerton, CA – April 2nd, 2016

Our CE-5 outing at Mountain View Park, in Fullerton, last night (4-02-16) had some success!

We saw what appeared as two anomalous acting lights (or UFOs, if you like), responding to our Protocol initiations.
By UFO, I mean: Unidentified Floating Object …What looked like a typical Star (or starlight), but didn’t act like it!

I was accompanied by MUFON – OC friend, Stephen C., who also is a Orange County CE-5 member.
We played the 2nd set of Steven Greer’s Captured Tones (from a Mt. Shasta outing).
They are used as kind of a “Beacon”…for aiding in ET Contact.   Earlier, I had also turned on a small “LED Box” that sends revolving colored prism patterns straight overhead. I got it a Lava lamp dot com…
It is a nice affect on the ceiling of a Dance or Party Room! It works fine outside, helps set the mood.

The Sighting(s):
Sighting 1: While observing the Northern sky, I noticed something happening in my direction of view!                        I called out to Stephen C. when I saw an object that appeared to be a Star (to the left of the Big Dipper) that suddenly started moving West-ward, at a slow and even rate… and then just”stopped” after moving, maybe four inches, (a hands-width) from my outstretched arm/finger’s view.  Then, with-in a second or so, the Brightness increase or “flared” for over a second …to be nearly the brightest object in the sky…and then “poof”…it was out – gone – nothing…!  There was no noticeable sound, either, except for me gasping – LoL.

I am familiar with the term: “Power-up” used by Dr. Greer or James Gilliland.
I would say what we saw was a Power-up.

The lighted object appeared far off…maybe in orbit or beyond.  It look like it had an apparent similar Magnitude of many of the Big Dipper’s major Stars, but not as bright as the lip of the “bucket” star.
It stayed the same brightness…until after it moved and until it Powered Up.

I pointed out the spot out to Stephen with my outstretched arm, while the object was still moving, but he only caught the tail-end of this first “curious item”, when it Powered-up.  I was going to sit back down in my chair when I noticed that my EMF meter, next to the chair, was flashing and beeping!  I said “Hey, look at that!”

I picked up the meter and showed it to him while it was still blinking and then set it down on the ground in front of us…it flashed, again…then, a few more times.  I though to myself – They have located us!

Stephen thought it was somewhat close to 8:15 to 8:30 PM…
but I for got to look at my watch, until later – sorry!

We played around calling out to “what-ever it was” we saw…I know that we should have been more restrained, but there was a bit of adrenaline in our systems.  I slowly beat on my small drum and somewhat loudly spoke, again,
while the Tones were still playing:  “Hey…that was beautiful…can you show us, again?
We would love to see it…if it safe for you, and for us, for you to do so !”

I took out my small low power Red Laser Pointer (a Teacher’s Pointer) and flashed it on and off*, circling in the direction of the original sighting.  We kept calling out, while we searched the sky…
“Please, show us again…we would love to see it”!

I turned on my previously set up Canon ZR-90 Digital Tape Camera sitting on a tri-pod, and pointed it up and North. I left it at Wide Angle, but the LCD Screen wasn’t showing “anything”, so I will have to review the tape on my Big Screen TV, tomorrow. I turned this on after the first Object’s viewing.  Well, after reviewing the tape, I would say that the ZR-90 “Night Mode” is pretty useless.

* Note: My Laser is not one of those Hi-tech Green Lasers that blinds the Airplane Crew.  Still, I wouldn’t intentionally point any laser device directly at a flying aircraft.

So, how did I know that this wasn’t a typical aircraft?
1) It was way above the air traffic pattern.
2) It started moving at steady, but apparently leisurely, rate and then stopped short
with no apparent slow down. If it was 50 to 100 miles away, it might have been moving very fast.
3) It had no flashing Strobe or Red & Green wing-tip lights, just even light…like “Starlight”.


Sighting 2: After a few minutes Stephen C. saw another one of his own… near where the original observation happened.  I was scanning the rest of my view of the sky and missed observing the first movements.. I didn’t look until he called out to me!  It “Powered up”, like the first one, but not to as brightly as the first one we saw.

Maybe, it is like when you charge up a Camera Strobe-Flash…between photos.
If you try to snap another photo too soon, you get a weak “farty” flash.

Stephen saw the entire steady movement and the “Power-Up” flash, of this Second Object, quite well.  I caught the end of his observation…the same way he caught mine.



The evening…details:
We got set up at 7 PM and started with a Purification ritual and a calming Meditation
at about 7:30 PM.   We were listening to Composer – Steven Halpern’s ‘OM Grooves’ on a small CD player.  Steven Halpern is a long time Yoga practitioner, so it was a good fit.

We “saged” and “swept” each other, to clear out any negativity,
and call back our energy we have sent out during the day.

I left the Sage stick burning on our makeshift stand in the middle of the Sacred space or circle we created, as we calmed ourselves. I would not call this an “altar”
because none of this is about “worship”.

We are  not (or should I say – I am not) experts at Meditation…

I just call it Quiet time…

1) Try to blank the mind…
If a thought comes in…I try to let it float out the same way.

2) Quite your mind and body; Concentrate on your oneness
with nature and the Universe.

3) Contemplate your intention, be here and now.

It is about using Coherent Thought in a sequence that lets any ET races “out there – or in there” know us…that we recognize their visitations and that we are open to
respectful dialog and acceptance…that they are here, that they probably have been coming here for a long time and have a job to do with their visits to our planet.

We recognize that their are probably a number of races visiting us and that
we would like to know their purpose(s)…obviously they are not here just for a “joy-ride”…(at least most of the time).

The CE-5 Crop Circle tones (captured in England) were also playing…
then we started to listen to Steven Greer’s formal Meditation track.  I turned on my DT-1130 – EMF Radiation Detector…just in case.

At the end of the formal Meditation track, my circle-mate turned on the 2nd tones from a CSETI – Mt Shasta event.
We had been checking out the Sky, whilst the formal Meditation was being heard, but we started paying closer attention to the sky, more seriously, letting our “Intention” lead our conscious thoughts.

We sat 90 Degrees to each other, facing the circle…I was facing North and Stephen C. was facing West, so we could see a major part of each others sighting view, without having to look over our heads too much.  Each of us scanned half of the sky. Orion and Taurus were very clear and Sirius was shining brightly in the S-SW sky.       The Big Dipper was off to the N-E in my direction of view.  Almost no air traffic was seen over us. The airliners and general aviation traffic circled us in the distance   (the air pattern being from the East (Chino) to North (Pomona/
Pasadena) and to the West (La Habra/LA), in a big arc, in the distance.

You could hear the “almost undetectable” soft rumble of the jet engines. The two and four wheel traffic on the road (with the occasional Emergency Vehicle “in chorus”)
was a bit distracting, but you just have to learn to shut it out of your mind…after all, it was a Saturday evening and everybody was out “doing their thing”.   Still, this little park was amazingly secluded…but not private…
evening Revellers, Lovers and Joggers were coming and going to the parking lot in the distance and the Park – proper, all evening. LoL…well, not so private.   Some people were observing us from nearby benches, but all got on with their evenings and left after a few minutes each time after they sat down.  Sorry, we don’t make great “Reality TV”…..we tried to be quiet and respectful of the other park users”.

Four people or more people would have been optimal for a sighting circle, but you go with what you got.   One if the group had previous family commits and two others that had more pressing affairs that came up.  This would have been their first CE-5 with us, so maybe, they can make it next time!

Were the anomalies seen, manned ships, drones, miss-identified terrestrial airships or natural phenomenon?       I don’t know…The second Sighting might have been the same ship or a totally different anomaly giving us the response to our second
request for a repeat performance, because, after all, we did get them to “light-up” again.

I don’t think they were Satellites or Meteorites because it did not move or act like any of those I have seen.  Also, a Satellite or Meteor should not make my EMF Radiation Detector “show activity” in my estimation.

CE-5 is a Steven Greer -Sirius Disclosure project that happens the first Saturday every month, through the Spring, all over the world.  Most every country has a group or two, or many more.
It is supposed to be initiated from 9:00 PM to Midnight (in your time zone)…so it is a “rolling action”… all over the world, with thousands of people involved.

Any questions, just Post us back.  Any comments…this is our first report.


Name – (CE-5 Handle)
Gary S. – (Carguy362) Orange, CA

Stephen C. – (Lightwrk) Tustin, CA

Kristie C. (Krustylove80) Buena Park, CA

This CE-5 happening at: Mountain View Park, Fullerton, CA 7:00 to 9:30 PM April 2, 2016

About Contact and Disclosure:
Mutual contact and disclosure of purpose is required for mutual benefit.  Are they friend or foe or indifferent
to our existence on this planet? Do they originate from here, or from a distant home… or even from another dimension?  These are some of the things that we would like to know.
We ask them to make contact if they are the friendly one and have respect, it is safe for them and us to do so and get a dialog started.  If there is a increasing number of us doing this…at some level, there will be a tipping point where more that just flashing lights in the sky will happen. We have to start somewhere.

Even a simple acknowledgement is fine, for now, as we are making this overture all over the world at the same time, in spite of our “protective government’s knowledge and actions”.
That is it…in a nutshell.

How to get involved…or just find out about it:

See a map of people in your area:


ETLetsTalk ET/UFO Contact Retreats - 2017


ETLetsTalk Announces 2017 ET Contact Retreats - More Info >>


  1. Jennifer

    I was very interested in your use of the words “power up.” One of these objects visited me in August of 2015 and describing it to people is very difficult. You did an very good job. I was lucky enough to attend a Greer event and we saw several of these. He said that they were sending knowledge and also inviting us to visit them. I have been a long-time MUFON member.

  2. Author

    Hi Jennifer, Thanks for the comments. I found and use the term “Power Up” from watching Object actions at ESETI Ranch…from their videos. A real fun one involved the UK film actor and UFO skeptic: Danny Dyer. His first visit really turned him around. Check out the Show:
    “I Believe in UFOs’ (of his first visit to ECETI Ranch) produced for the BBC-UK TV.
    Enjoy, Gary

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