CE-5 on top of a hill in Exeter, UK

One late night in Autumn this last Wednesday was, and I found myself trekking up to the top of a hill that had been of importance to me since my beginning to study at the university where it is. I’ve been going up there every once in a while since then. On the way I saw Sirius below the moon and didn’t think I could see it from the hill but I was pleasantly surprised. I sat between two bare trees and began to meditate. It was wonderful to sing to the heavens. I sat beneath this star and let it and the ETs to guide my actions and movements. The moon was just after fullness, and grew brighter as light clouds began to cover it gently.

When the cloud began to move towards the Dog Star, I wished for them to move away or even just more slowly so I could sing for longer. And they did! It took a long time for Sirius to become invisible to me to I kept watching and it slowly came out from behind a wisp before disappearing again. The ETs were joyful that I had arrived and gave me gifts of light and I tried to give myself away. I contacted the ETletstalk coomunity and Kosta and Dr. Greer and Bijou and Kindness and Nu and Tejzbar and all the ETs and UFOs I had met in the past including a sighting I’d had as part of a group a year ago when we made contact near Silbury Hill and amber lights came to visit us. I made sure to include all my friends from Earth as well like my people from Salisbury and Exeter and my family from Croatia and in Southampton and everyone I know who bridge that gap, especially my friends Nick and Peace. And loads of new ones came! Then I got up and put my arms to my sides and sang out to the disappearing star, and turned to my beloved city and belted out a chant of the highest vibration I could muster. the lights were everywhere and it felt like the culmination of a long journey. Finally, with the last breath out of me, I let Earth take me down and descended back into the lighted night. It was beautiful. The streets glowed with colour and the people were so happy! Finally, as I rounded the corner to where I was to sleep, I turned and saw the moon again and she smiled at me.

Our star family are always watching over us. I was told that wherever I was, I was always surrounded by friends. Since then all that’s happened is a widening of that sense of comprehensive contact happening everywhere. Thank you so much! Whenever I reach out to the ETletstalk community there’s always a great push there for a little more love.

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