CE-5 OC – Alternate Report – June 4, 2016 – Contact in the Desert – Joshua Tree, CA, by Carguy362-Gary Spake

I was at the Contact in the Desert IV event, held at Joshua Tree Retreat Center
from June 2nd to the 6th, 2016 with friend Stephen (Lightwrk).
We were staying in the Men’s Dorm.

On Saturday evening…we went out to the skywatch after the evening presentations.
Melinda Leslie from Sedona, AZ was holding a planned demo of  Night Vision scopes.
The Crowd was a rather “loud”…a party atmosphere.   She was using a P.A. to
“talk over” the noise of the large group that was present.

There were a number of Night Scopes available and there was a lot of  “tire kicking” going on…
mostly looking up for moving objects.  The sky was pretty exceptional…
Mars was like a “red piece of coal” to the South. The Milky-Way was pretty bright
as it was the “New Moon night”, being June 4th. The Orion overlook faces North.

At about 10:10 PM.things started happening!  I was sitting with friends Kristie
(KrustieLove80) and Stephen (Lightwrk) on the dirt road at the edge of the concrete pad
for the Orion overlook, which is above the Camping Area, in the wash area, below.

Melinda was demonstrating the Night Vision mono-scopes.
Someone yelled that there was something coming out of the West!
(from Highway 62 direction).  A Green Orb of light appeared, flying low…
moving at maybe 30 to 50 MPH…heading East-ward.

I was sitting in my camp chair still trying to set up my camera and I saw it.
It was to the left of a young tree on the edge of the road and I was seeing it pass
behind this tree (at my angle…through the branches) …then it passed clearly to the right
of the tree.  I tried to re-focus my binoculars.. everything behind it was Sharp,
but the lighted object was still fuzzy.  It was cruising at what I estimate
at about 500 feet off the ground and maybe 1,000  feet in front of us,
across the campground wash (but still, in front of the hill).

Then, again, someone yelled “there’s another one” (…same path)!
This one I think was Blue. I tried to get my camera screwed onto the Tri-pod…
I could not get the thread to catch…darn!…people were all shouting…
what a joke…finally the thread caught!
I wasn’t expecting to see anything and was ill-prepared to say the least.
I got my camera turned on, in video mode, and just left it run for a while…
I thought I might catch something…as bright as the Orbs all were.
In the end, all I got was the sound of the crowd and a couple of dots of light!

Then, someone yelled “there’s another – there’s another”…while laughing…
Sure enough, they just kept coming… another and another showed up…
don’t remember all the colors…I lost track of how many.
Kristie and Stephen were chorgling…and laughing…
I heard my name called out…”Gary”…

I was thinking to myself…”were they Drones?”
My little drone has Red & Green lights, it can’t fly that high…or steady…
(not with me as pilot) these were flying, literally for “miles”…
mine doesn’t have the battery life or radio signal range.
…who would be flying these things for our benefit or embarrassment…
If these were professional or military grade Drones..why did we not see
the craft or airframe?  I do remember seeing our green laser pointers reflected off
of something “shiny”… like a “baby moon” hubcap.  A force field???

They seemed to be flying on the same glide-path…(like Geese)…
spaced about about 20 to 25 Seconds apart.
All of equal radiance…Green, Blue and Gold…’Orbs of light’…
I saw at least four of them…

There was no sound (well, no sound I could hear over the chatter of the
60 or so, people screaming and laughing).  Some people were trying to be quiet…
without much success…
My binoculars were in focus, but the Orbs were still “soft-edged”…
I could see sort of energy rings modulating around in them,
when using the binocs.  The light was bright and steady, otherwise.

Some guys flashed their green Laser Pointers at them…
Melida..excitedly said “stop lasering!… wait until you are sure that
they are not Aircraft!… with flashing Red & Green lights!.
Then Melinda said “give them the go-ahead to signal…three pulses of light”
(Dot-Dot-Dot)…and the Orbs did respond, likewise!
…at least one of the Orbs I saw responded back with “three flashes” of light.

Yeow!   My chest was about to explode…I had forgot to breathe!

I did not see the following happen, but someone in the group was saying
that when the Orbs moved off to the right (beyond my view through the people)
that they slowed down their speeds…joined and sped off  “like Jets”, or…
in three different directions…or maybe into a triangle and then moved off???

I hope that Melinda Leslie’s video comes out!!!

There were about 2,500 people in attendance at ‘Contact in the Desert IV‘.
Quite an encompassing premier event!   Stephen and I got there about 11:00 AM -Thursday
and returned home about 10 AM on Monday.  We met some together people..some celebrities and
heard some great lectures and panel discussions…in spite of the day-time three digit heat!




Gary (Carguy362)


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  1. StephenC

    Thanks for the report, Gary. I think you captured the sequence of events well. It was very exciting and truly a transformative experience. I appreciate the opportunity to have been present….. Stephen

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