CE-5 Team Melbourne Australia


CONTACT: Tristan Price

EMAIL: tristanprice@hotmail.com

PHONE: 0431402917

URL: https://www.facebook.com/TPMilkywaySkyRunner

The prodigies
Welcome one and welcome all to my official Frankston area CE-5 group.
We are in the Mornington peninsula area Melbourne.

This group is very new and has much to learn
and experience; join and help us grow!

Feel free to contact via mobile or Facebook messenger
for more information about this awesome phenomena!

Namaste :-)

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  1. ET Lets Talk

    Congrats on starting a group in Melbourne! Can’t wait to read your reports to find out what’s happening there!

  2. Claude

    I have seen 3 types of I don’t have a clue the 2nd siting which I thought to be the space station I seen the space station at night and And it’s like looking at Venus moving slowly but what I saw for 5seconds it was sundown still day just day light it was way too big I have jumbo jet come from southern east direction I which I can go back so can be hipnotiz then l can draw it it was white and I’mnot 100percent about red and if it was the space station it the size of the moon and the thing I saw 3 weeks ago I can draw a picture of that it was like it wanted me to see and did and it wasn’t no metro it was up and right where l was standing in the back yard straight above me it burn out no noise it disappears like when you a diver dive from a platform it looked like it went hind a wall and it looking tail of light colour of a star that disappeared at the same time I don’t know I see shooting stars flares fireworks and I am 100percent it was none of that to big

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