CE-5 Event in Caddotte Pass, Montana

CE-5 Contact in the “Big Sky”

‘Round about Caddotte Pass, Montana

Photos by John

Taken with an Olympus Digital Camera

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“This a more interesting experience then going way back at the age of app 4 years old.

This has not been a once or twice or even three time event.

My experiences are many. Many with a number of witnesses at different time in my life.I am not writing this experience because I feel the need to have the best experiences of anyone else. That for me serves no purpose to make up stories for attention.

I had moved to a piece of mountain property 60 miles from Helena Montana in 1998.I built myself a log cabin on the 60 acres I bought at approx 6,000 feet up. There is no power. The power I get to email or FB or anything else is threw my cellphone. There is a tower on another mountain close by.

For the many years in the past before moving here I had have many types of encounters. So I have become accustom to missing time or driving some place for no reason to a place I had never been to be blinded by lights in the face. And then only hearing strange sounds.

It has gotten to the point I get a feeling to go outside look in a certain direction and here comes a low lite up craft. Flying so slow it is like they are saying hi. I feel extremely spiritual when it happens.

But this night was different.

From the front of my house. You can see Caddotte Pass (Montana). (ed note: See article about the “Great UFO Crash in 1864-65). It is slightly higher then my mountain. It is so close that I have walked from my place and climbed up.

It was not until many years of living up here. I was going to try and find interesting what I thought was credible UFO reports in Montana. That is when I read a old trapper Lumely had told the story of a crashed craft he had seen while trapping at Caddotte Creek. (BIG SKY WORDS WEBSITE – LINK TO STORY)

I thought that is pretty cool. How lucky I am. Not only did I move to a mountain. There was a incident way back in the 1800s. Anyways, I am in my cabin which is more the size of a house.

I get that feeling I get. It was after 10 pm. I am looking up at Caddotte Pass. I see some lights on top. Blue, green, yellow, red. orange. My first thought not jumping to conclusions was, “Is that cops up there and a ambulance?” There is a old road that goes up there. I am thinking maybe a hunter got shot. But the lights were getting brighter.

I walked to the side of my mountain to get a better view.

Then the lights started to slowly go up, I could now see underneath by the black sky under it. It was now coming my way. I was not in shock. I was not afraid at all. I wanted what ever was going to happen to happen.

This with them had gone on now for over 50 years. As it got closer in my mind I said is that a ship. It now stopped half way from That mountain to my mountain. The colors were so bright so beautiful.

My mind was asking questions faster then my mouth ever could. All of a sudden my mind felt like a clogged drain suddenly opening to so many question. I was starting to lose balance. I start losing control of being able to stand. I kept falling down and staggering back up. I wanted to stay so bad. This experience nothing vague this is now. I started feeling faint.

Suddenly my mind said if you do not get in the house you are going down. I staggered up said I am sorry. Went up my stairs hanging on to get in the house. I sat on the couch so mentally drained. But now regretting not staying out.

I am connected to them for some reason. And it cannot be because of my great intelligence considering I am just a average person. Nothing special nothing of value. I can say I do believe I am a better person because of my contact experience.

Not to say they were all so loving and fluffy. Some of the encounters early on were horrible. But in time I understand the reason.

So now with better understanding it has all been worth it. I have photos I had taken the next night. The images and shape of the lights they sent me for me personally are worth everything to me. I remember the conversation that went with each photo. I saw it after as like in the old movies when a person went into a head doctor. He shows some ink blots and says what is the first thing to come into your head which leads then to a conversation.”

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  1. Edward

    Hi John, very interesting and colorful photo’s. What kind of shutter speeds, flash or modes are using to get these photo’s?
    Were these images visible to the naked eye or just seen with the camera?

  2. Author
    John Smith

    Edward you can see them with the naked eye.They are holographic images sent to me .If not for the images at the beginning of this type contact.I would think I was hearing voices in my head.So it made it easier to know things are happening and it starts a conversation going.

  3. andrew

    These photos remind me of some of the mysterious photos and videos taken at night of the Stephensville Texas sighting of 2008; also, of some daylight photos and videos in which one sees a living, moving, twisting entity mothership, as opposed to the standard metallic dome teardrop, or, even the ball of light. How varied their appearance!! Thanks for sharing the photos. Peace, Andrew

  4. Contact_ET_Now

    Hi John,
    JERRY HERE! I have recently joined joined lets talk. I have been following ET sightings, reports. and personal e experiences most of my life. I have never had any sightings myself but have had people tell me about theirs. I would like to join a contact group in my area but there does not appear to be any. Do you folow any particular meditation procedures (I.E, Steven Greer). Montreal has had several UFO sightings, The most famous in recent times was in November 1990 where a huge craft hovered for more almost an hour over a downtown hotel. I know you are living in a remote area which makes things easier but perhaps you can suggest some things I can do.
    Best Regards

  5. Author
    John Smith

    Hi Jerry I sent you a reply on your question .Hope you got it.?

  6. Lbear17

    Hi, I’m new here :) Do our space family generally stay out west? I live in Illinois and never see anything in our skies. I think I saw one once but couldn’t figure what race it was. No verbal or mind contract.

  7. Author
    John Smith

    No Lbear17 they are at any place at any time all over the world.Just depends on what they are doing that day.Some do research.Some have made contact they connect with.And others do fly buys for others who have shown a real interest.There is no one reason they are here.Some monitor the equipment of nuclear power plants and nuclear missile sites.There is nothing in any communications in the world they cannot check in a instant if need be.It is easier to see something like a craft out in a more isolated area .No light pollution as well as distractions of others who would be jumping up and down screaming.Or so much negativity with large crowds just dismissing a sighting as a balloon or swamp gas or something.There is more going on here then just thinking they are here to save mankind.Or thinking they are here to make hybrids for some evil reason.Or as some others think .They are here for our resources.They make their own resources by being able to manipulate the photons in one material to turn it to the material desired.This way there is no reason to fill a ship up with one material.Just create your own.There is a reason people go to places in conferences in the desert or in the mountains.Not in a city.Less distractions and being with like minded people all hoping to get the chance to experience something.A sighting or something a little more.

  8. DebzShakti

    LOVE these photos! I especially love the serpent one, and the 3 spheres in the one photo look a lot like the red orb I saw this CE5 weekend (you can read my post on my page here). Thank you for sharing!

  9. Author
    John Smith

    Glad you had a great time .And got to see the things that make us all happy to see and experience.

  10. DavidM

    Hi John Smith,
    I like what you wrote. I see them as teachers and once welcomed widely we will learn paths to true peace and harmony.

  11. Author
    John Smith

    I myself have learned much about many things from my contact.Much about myself as all other races of people.I have learned why some people do not like my personality .As why the others do.I have learned about the different cultures from their own perspective as if i have become them.Also have learned about many scientific discoveries in other worlds.Yes I am in total agreement with you.They truly are teachers on the individual level.And I am more then grateful to them .Had they not made the connection mentally with the lights and images.I would have just been happy seeing them fly over head as early on.But it took the high anxiety training by them to have it be as it is now.And well worth every nervous moment.And again very grateful of their gifts to allow me to have taken the photos when they asked if I wanted too.One of the many reasons photos do not come out for many is.It is not up to us thinking we have control over them with our technologies.Whether missiles or cameras.It is what they allow to work that will.I once asked my contact.Why have so many bad things happened to me.His response was.I cannot stop all bad things from hurting you .But I have saved your life many times.I then felt more then humbled.

  12. Marck7

    Hey Jerry, Contact_ET_Now , I’m in Montreal too, have had many sightings and Contacts, and want to set up a group here. Contact me.

  13. Marck7

    And John Smith, I totally relate to what you say. Same goes for me. I first ask them if I can film or take a picture. Or else, they just disappear.

  14. Author
    John Smith

    The only reason my photos came out.Was because they asked me if I wanted to take them.Not me asking them to take them.They are in complete control over the situation.Not me thinking I control them.My experiences are different then most.It is a very real connection.I had been contacted as a child.Then over the many years it would intensify.Some time it was almost 4 years from 3 to about 7 to 12 to 21 then more frequently.Sometimes every day for days.Then weeks.Then I was asked.And had to go in the house and get my camera.Then come out and take the photos.Not for others.They may see them as fake or something else.They are a personal gift for me.To remember that night.They can be anywhere at any time.But it is all them.I am just more then thankful.

  15. Marck7

    Well they are very beautiful pictures. Thanks for sharing them. The reason I said I ask them first, is because on occasions, I was witnessing something, and as I reached for my phone, they just vanished, or left. These moments were never during Contact sessions, as they explained that first, the experience was an individual one, for me alone, as they manifest according to what I’m able to handle, and not for anyone else, and secondly they showed me how my whole frequency changes when I start taking pictures. This was explained to me while I was experiencing Contact in the Andes of Peru. But then again, you and I differ greatly, John, as I only became aware of Their intimate interaction with me in 2010… . I was seeing them since 1980, but I didn’t think it had anything to do with me personally. I thought I was just lucky to be watching the sky at the right place at the right time… . Never dawned on me that every time I was seeing them, it was their decision, the implications were too profound for me at the time. Then in 2010, they contacted me in broad daylight, in public, and my whole entire life changed.

  16. Author
    John Smith

    Because of being contacted as a child with just the sighting of the little white orb in my room.And the pain I felt that woke me to see the orb in the first place.Things went as many of the stories you have heard.Lights in the sky ,missing time .Going to places some times 4 hour drive away because of a thought put in my head to drive.These locations many times to places I had never ever been .The sounds of being at those places.The blinding lights.On one occasion a green looking fog with 3 others with me.All afraid to go in.But went in alone.Only to come out and have the others not even realize I had left.More then missing time.Being in one place one second .And in the next in a totally different location then back again.I never had any reason to want to take photos.Having it been part of my life.Why would I .I was and am living it.And everything is in their control.Years ago I said to a friend of mine.One of 7 or more who have been with me because I invited them.None of us were thinking I need to bring a camera to take the pictures.Just as I would not have taken them without my contact being asking me too.I see and experience things with him and the little ones all the time.I enjoy every second.And looking threw the lens of a camera takes it away.Why look threw a lens when you can see all that is happening.Might as well think going on a roller coaster .But never experienced the ride because you were to busy looking threw the lens .Some as myself are picked as children.It is not to change the world.Or go and try and make a career out of it.I myself and the others.Have something money can’t buy.Contact I live on a mountain on my 60 acres.I moved from the Boston area.But a hour out of my first contact as a child in Waltham Ma.Then contact continuing in Hubbardston Ma where I built my first home.After 13 years there.Moved to the mountains 2,600 miles away.And now since then things amped up dramatically.I am not even 100% sure I was not made to come up on the mountain to live.Anymore then why I would drive 4 hours to then be on a dirt road having contact.I myself am who I am mostly because of them.The way I think now about all things.I see it as all a gift.And I just do not understand why.It is not like I am the smartest guy on the planet.Not that I do not screw up in this world.Just a regular kid growing up.Looking for frogs or whatever.But I am thankful.And one day will be going with them.Just not in this body.No big deal this body has served me well for down here.But going to other places off earth.Forget it not worth anything.People need to expand their minds well beyond this world.Do not let others tell you things like.That is impossible.They are wrong.Soul collecting ships.Death is very dramatic .Your mind is thinking of that day .No time thinking like in a long death.Thinking of your family around giving you comfort.But when that final second is there and you know.You cannot correct any bad actions or words you said .Even that sends your last thoughts of not being calm and ready to go.Things have to transfer the energy some place.Look at them as angels or gods.Or just a much more advanced race.Any of these thoughts are above us.They can do things like changing the protons of one material and turn it .Into something totally different.They can change mercury to gold.Or gold to lead.Or a combination of many elements and make there own materials.We have nothing on them.The most advances for the human race came only in the last 100 years or so.Yet they have traced man back to at least 150,000 years,Seems humans are slow learners.And there is no planetary cause.Where all get together.Work on one problem fix it.Not everyone running around with worrying about funding.No body really thinks that the beings who have traveled down.Had to send their boss on the other planet a receipt do they.No they are not humans who evolved then left and now are coming back to visit.They are their own entities.They are not even close to us at all.Humans like to think so because many humans feel they are above others.You cannot humanize something that is not human.They can only imitate .Just like parents imitate to their children they are a ghost or monster.They do it for a reaction of what the child will do.Not all is fun for the child either.How many times have you scared a child or even a friend.At the second of fright before you realize it was a joke.You are not happy.You are scared.So aliens imitate to get a reaction.Lights in the sky.People saying oh look its a UFO.They are excited.Now get taken on a ship thinking it is a dream.Only to wake up and have had samples taken right where the dream had them taken.Now you know it was not a dream.You see the multicolored lights they are making it feel like your brain cannot handle it.And you start falling over.To where eventually you know you need to break free.And stagger away from the light and barely make into the house.Then after sitting on your couch.Start feeling your brain calm down.And wished you just stayed out and took more of the sighting.It becomes as if your brain had been clogged.And the lights were sending information.Right into the brain.Many things go on with different real contacted people.As you know .You are out there with the people.You see them all jumping around.Someone says maybe its a plane .Another no its not making any sound.Then someone else says something and on and on.But so it goes in the contact world of many people.All experiences geared to the individual as it should be.

  17. Marck7

    Very well said, John. My childhood experiences were mostly hidden from me. Or I agreed to forget. But your clarity is inspiring.

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