CE-5 Encounters September 3, 2016 Debz Shakti Buller

Friday night – a few minutes after midnight – 9/3

I began my personal CE-5 initiative a few minutes after midnight (which was still Friday night to me, but the calendar HAD turned over to 9/3).  I had not planned to try that night, as I had already reported to the main group I was going to do mine the next night, while travelling back from Kansas to my home in Missouri.  But the ETs had other (extra) plans for me!

As I was coming home from a family gathering in Eastern Kansas, I felt a strong compulsion to listen to the tone recordings included on our phone app.  I remember wondering if I should pull over somewhere and get out to listen, but when I asked internally, the answer was to keep driving – that it would be ok.   *PLEASE NOTE – I DO NOT ENCOURAGE THIS TYPE OF ACTIVITY UNLESS YOU HAVE PRACTICED TRANS-DIMENSIONAL WORK IN SAFER CONDITIONS, FOR A LONG TIME!  If you feel you are ready to try, do so while in a safe place, like completing a routine or mundane task at work while communicating with a Light BE-ing, or performing distance energy work on someone while washing your dishes. Be safe and don’t rush being able to do this type of spiritual “multi-tasking,” especially while operating a vehicle!

I am very accomplished at getting into a Theta brainwave state instantly, while still being able to function physically and mentally, having deep experiences and performing energetic and trans-dimensional work safely at the same time.  So I complied and began with the Crop Circle tones.  I instantly went into a deep state of peace and began scanning the dark, starlit sky over the open highway for anything unusual.  The sky was mostly clear and I did see some movement of lights between and among certain star systems, but not having prepared with information on current satellite positioning, etc., I just kept driving without getting too attached.  I just watched, while still paying attention to the road, and my driving.  I played these tones for about 10 minutes.

I then played the Mt. Shasta tones.  What happened next was truly amazing!  As I listened, I felt myself going deeper inward.  I felt a complete sense of Oneness with all of Life.  I even felt a heart connection with the road beneath my car, the few other cars on the highway, and the occasional buildings I passed.  I drove for about 30 minutes and the feelings of deep peace and love grew and grew.  Then, I began to feel Kundalini energy rising up from my pelvis, upward through my spine and filling my heart and head with so much light and energy!  I felt it was now good to stop driving and finally did find a quiet, dark place to pull over so I could experience it all to the fullest.  As soon as I got out, I grounded myself by taking off my shoes and standing on the good Earth.  I remember marveling at how warm the soil and grasses felt, even though it was very late at night and the air temperature that day being actually quite cool for September.

I looked up at the stars, and immediately saw them moving together to form a design!  When they finally all coalesced and stood still what I saw was the perfect image of a spine, but it was made of stars!  The starlight in this design went from white to a bright, light, translucent blue.  I was transfixed, and just focused on my deep breathing, almost afraid if I looked away or moved in any way, it would disappear.  But it didn’t!  I had a recollection of reading that those gathered while recording these Mt. Shasta tones (which I still had playing) all saw in their mind’s eye an image of something that resembled a string of pearls.  I received confirmation that this was symbolic of what I was witnessing – the spine made of stars.

I then received a huge download of information, much of which I am still attempting to process and integrate.  The main message was that I needed to personally increase and deepen my own Kriya Yoga practice.  The main Kriya practice – the one our friends were referring to in my download, is an internal and esoteric one that  involves rotating energy through and around the astral spine in deep meditation, while visualizing each chakra with a special, individual color, a symbol and a sacred sound.  If that isn’t complex enough, this is performed at the same time as a special pranayama – breath pattern – is being executed.  I have been practicing this Kriya for about 12 years, and I still find it difficult, but so rewarding.

I was told that doing so would prepare me for the higher frequencies of contact that are to come, and that I must also keep eating a clean, plant-based diet, exercise and be in Nature as much as possible, and protect myself (they used the word, “shield”) from harmful EMFs, and low-vibrational information, such as negative media, thought-forms, etc.  They instructed that the healthier my physical, mental and emotional forms are, the easier it will be to receive more elaborate communication.

As I was watching the Star Spine, it began to curl inward upon itself, and the stars formed a constellation that looked like a fetus in the womb.  It turned its head, smiled, and then the sky went back to normal.  The experience was complete.  I felt so humbled and happy, at peace and filled with love!

I got back into the car and noticed over an hour had passed!  I was not in the least bit tired, so drove on home to eastern Kansas City.

Saturday night – around 11:15 pm – 9/3

I had originally reported that I would have 3 other people attempting to initiate contact on this night, but it turned out to be just me again, and I experienced two more encounters.

I was travelling home from near Topeka, KS, after attending an outdoor concert where my husband performed.  It was a very fun time for us both and my spirits were very high, having witnessed him really enjoying performing for a huge, sold-out and super-appreciative crowd.  The venue where they played was packed beyond capacity and his vehicle, and those of two other band members I had hoped would join me were totally pinned in where they had parked.  They had to stay there to load all their equipment before leaving the grounds.  (This wound up taking 3 more hours).  I had parked about a ½ mile away due to the heavy crowds so we agreed I should just go and try to make contact on my own.

I had already staked out the place I wanted to sky-watch, which was about halfway between Topeka and Kansas City, so I turned on the Crop Circle tones in the car and proceeded to head that way.  Again, the deep sense of peace and Oneness enveloped me.  About 35 minutes into the otherwise unremarkable drive I found my spot, which was on a tractor path in the middle of a very isolated corn field off the small state highway.  I got out, set up my chair, and went into deep meditation, first playing the Crop Circle tones, then the Mt. Shasta.  I used all the CE-5 protocols for preparation and began to feel that Kundalini-rising sensation again.  I felt a lot of pressure behind my right eye/temple, usually an indication that communication is about to commence.  I watched the sky – filled with stars and incredible beauty.  It was absolutely pitch-black dark on the ground where I was, though!  I felt safe, and took my gaze, as my eyes began acclimating to the low light, to the corn fields surrounding me.  It was then that I notice all the eyes!  I controlled my breathing and sent love.  I then began hearing rustling in the corn (which is dry and nearing harvest stage).  Soon thereafter, a huge number of DEER came out of the fields on either side of me and formed a half-circle around my chair!  I could have reached out and touched them, but I remained still, in deep meditation, breathing deeply and steadily.  After a while, all of them turned their heads from looking at me, to looking at a spot in the corn.  It was there I saw a bright orange ball of light, about the size of a ping-pong ball, just steadily hovering where it was.  The deer all moved off to the farther side of the field, and I felt I was too go to the ball of light, so I did, very slowly.  It did not move as I came forward and once I got to it I was filled with the most love and a sense of awe that I have ever felt!  I reached out to touch it and it did not move.  My hand passed right THOUGH it, several times, and it did not move.  There was a slight temperature change where it was, as my hand passed through, and the light “bent” a bit when I did this.  It blinked twice, and then disappeared.

I felt the encounter was complete, so packed up my gear in wonder and drove on home.

I got home at about 12:30 am (which would make it officially 9/4 by then).  I went in to my house and got my dog, who by then needed to go out to relieve herself.  As I stood barefoot in the grass, I looked up and saw the stars again.  There above and in front of me (at about a 45-degree angle), I saw 3 stars that formed a perfect equilateral triangle.  (I still cannot identify this constellation, even after poring over the star map for that night.)  As I gazed at it, I went back into my trance state and the triangle of stars enlarged and developed into what looked very similar to our CE-5 logo – blue-white triangle, attached at the points by balls of the same colored light, connected by tubes of the same light.  Then it went multi-dimensional, first becoming a pyramid, then the pyramid beginning to rotate on all axes.  Then it morphed into constellations of stars that I did not recognize, but saw them being connected by thin lines of the blue-white light, forming what I can only describe as Sacred Geometry.  The more relaxed I became, the more elaborate the forms grew.  I could see they were not just showing me new star maps, but Dimensional Maps.  I felt another huge influx of energy that came on a carrier wave of sound, much like the Mt. Shasta tones, even though I did not have them or anything else playing.  I felt drawn into the forms, and was not earthbound.  I spent a lot of time there, just experiencing and being bathed in the light and love.

Then everything came back into 3-D density.  My dog had fallen asleep at my feet in the grass, and when we went inside, the clock showed that another hour and a quarter had elapsed.

I continue to notice the tones are everywhere, especially when I am outdoors.  I hear them in the crickets, the cicadas, the birdsong and even the breeze.  I believe I am still receiving communication on very subtle levels and I am ok with allowing their meaning to percolate up into my conscious awareness when the circumstances are optimal.

I cannot go into more of what I received, as it is not fully integrated yet.  But I will continue to share as I can.  Infinite gratitude to all of you for sharing your love, energy and experiences here.  I am so excited to continue this wonderful work with you all!


Debz Shakti


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  1. futurebook

    2016 feb 22 at night before going to sleep alien ET came to me suddenly turned on the computer, in any case automatically open,Ican not close computer,than I can only put the power off,WhenI sleep My head is suddenly been touched, I was surprised to say who is it , and turn on the lights find nobody, still go to sleep, Than i find it was very easy to find the my head been touch place is very easy to deep meditation, on a quiet seat to see big stars have been rotated, such as fireball, vibrant, that are in Van Gogh’s painting starry Night in the morning wake up full of joy, much like a high spirit alien planet to see me, a lot of big stars such as solar flares

  2. andrew

    Awesome as opposum!! Your connection to Source is quite evident in the results and overall quantity of your contacts. So often as we get into the deeper aspects of universal consciousness our contacts appear to be more surreal than just the so-called nuts-and-bolts aspects. I testify!! So, dear, sister, keep it up and, whoa nellie, hang on to your hat. You ain’t seen nothing yet!! 😉 Peace, Andrew

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