I did my CE-5 last Saturday evening July 2nd at the cleopatra needle.

I purchase pharaoh cylinders with a pharaoh postures book. I did the exercises of pharaoh postures facing the cleopatra needle obelisk in Central Park, New York City. I played integratron music.

After I did my exercises I went and sat down on the park bench facing west with the obelisk in front of me.

Looking up I saw a starship just southwest of this obelisk. It is in that same position all year round.

I have Nick Curto with his disclosure group to verify of seeing that UFO in that same position in the sky all year round. Nick Curto is respected the in the UFO community for over fifteen years. Nick Curto web site which means Disclosure Network New York.

While looking up at this starship I saw the hawk of Horus fly without it flapping its wings not even once over this obelisk. It flew from north to south than turn ninety degrees west toward that starship.

I notify the gentleman who sold me the pharaoh cylinders with the pharaoh postures book. He told me that I had a rare sighting of  the hawk of Horus. I met him at the alien cosmic expo 2016 this June 24-26 weekend. On Friday June 24 all experiencers had the opportunity to tell their stories. I went up to the microphone and told my story.

I told everyone to go outside tonight to see hovering UFOs that follow me around the world. When I was outside that in the courtyard from that best western hotel. I pointed out a scatter fleet of UFOs to these UFO conference guests.

I walked amongst that crowd and ask them if they saw  hovering UFOs. They all stare at me with a serious look in their eyes and says yes they just witness hovering UFOs  that weekend.


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