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This is a brief outline to introduce myself to all of you, as I feel it is time to reveal my story – it is difficult to believe, however, so you don’t have to accept a word I say – but then it might assist you to remember who you are and why you are here – – –

There is a “Mission To Planet Earth” involving many individuals who have had extensive training before they were born to incarnate here on Planet Earth at this critical time in our evolution (refer to that section www.AwakeningAwareness.com), to awaken to truth and reality in this very confusing society, but unfortunately, they too have been influenced by the negativity and have lost their way and purpose to establish the New Beginning which will result from the forthcoming planetary cycle/earth changes that our planet must undergo if it is to continue to survive, as all planets do in their lifetime, in order to re-balance and realign with the rest of existence again as it once was, before we were invaded by the Lucifer-thing when the battle that ensued brought this galaxy down to the degrading state it is in now – but that is another story for another time! (Refer to AA website, section “From Heaven To Earth“).

But take heart, because in 1976 a very special teacher/master, not from this planet, came to be with us directly from the Primary Council of Existence physically here and walked among us and I was privileged to be one of his direct students as he taught us the Wisdom of the Universe of which Awakening Awareness is comprised with his teachings and writings and so guide us back to our true purpose with understanding and clarity of mind eliminating the fear of future events.

Gratitude extended to Kosta for this opportunity to relate my story and so invite all of you to join us on this epic journey of discovery with love, peace and unity – together.

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