Ashland City TN March 2016 Contact Report

Under a perfectly clear sky, we meditated and asked for a good communication with ETs for ourselves and all the other groups and persons involved in this world-wide effort desirous of planetary healing, the evolution of human consciousness, the development and distribution of free energy to the benefit of all humankind, and universal peace.

 We viewed several high-altitude jets over an hour’s time, but no satellites on this night, which we usually are able to readily detect.

Soon after our initial short meditation and vectoring, I (Tony) silently asked that the ETs only reveal themselves if it were safe for them to do so, and a few seconds later a bright white flash appeared half-way above the southern horizon, followed several seconds later by another white flash in the same vicinity.

Perhaps ten minutes later, both of us observed at about forty degrees elevation from the southern horizon four distinct, slowly moving, alternating, weak and then bright white flashes of light.


Minutes later, Dina observed a horizontal streak of light crossing east to west over a large section of the zenith in a couple seconds before abruptly disappearing, and, later, another, shorter, streak in the western sky.

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