Ashland City Tennessee October 2016 Report

I (Tony) and Dina prepared for the October contact by meditating on our universal spiritual connection with each other and the ETs, inviting and vectoring (as best we could) the ETs to signal their presence (only if safe for them to do so) and acknowledge our joint efforts.

The partially hazy, cloudy night sky still allowed for clear views in different sectors and we saw two satellites and over half-a-dozen jets (with their noisy rumble) over a thirty minute period. I faced the east and Dina faced the west.

I noticed an alleged jet flying about 45 degrees above the horizon in the east, heading from north to south. It was a fairly bright white light which darkened and then grew bright again for several times. Then it disappeared. I thought it had gone behind clouds between us, and soon realized that there were neither flashing colored lights nor sounds which a jet would make, and the bright white light was much stronger and larger than any of the tiny jets we had already observed, and finally, that when it apparently “disappeared” behind clouds, it should have reappeared seconds later where the sky was relative free of clouds – but never did.

We took this to be another “wave” from the ETs to all of us participating in these contacts (and ultimately to all of humankind).

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