Ashland City Tennessee November 2016 ET Contact Report

Dina and I (Tony) meditated for an hour under clear early evening skies. During that time we observed eight satellites and about two-dozen aircraft.

For a five-minute period I observed in three sectors of sky a horizontal streak of light, faint and lasting about a second and crossing a quarter of the sky. (These were not meteorites.) The first was in response to my thought that, as the ET’s have reminded us, “We are one in spirit,” and inviting the ET’s to join all of us tonight in recognition of our great and universal “oneness.”

After mentioning to Dina my initial observance of a streak of light (one had to be looking in the right direction to see them they were so subtle) she said that she had already seen a similar streak, but had not mentioned it because it was so faint and she wasn’t certain of what she had seen. After that, because of the direction I was facing, I saw an additional two streaks crossing a wide swath of the heavens.


Again, we are thankful for all of our efforts to join the ET’s in recognizing our common spirit and in working to advance human awareness of the same.

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