Ashland City Tennessee ET Contact December 12 2015

Dina and I (Tony) began our meditation under a night sky that, while mostly covered in cloudy patches, also revealed a sizable clear area directly overhead. A fair number of stars revealed themselves there, and several jets traversed the sky midway above the horizon in all directions. Most of our attention remained in the open zenith. The clouds had gradually moved easterly, opening up some of the western night sky. After an hour of meditating, vectoring and inviting ETs to acknowledge us with a safe contact, I requested that they let us know their presence within five minutes, before we returned indoors. A couple minutes later, about 40 degrees above the western horizon, my attention was drawn from the zenith to what at first appeared to be a dim light from a jet heading northerly. Then the object brightened into a white sphere and since I didn’t see any flashing lights I next considered that it could be a satellite, but immediately rejected that idea because of the low azimuth. By now, Dina also watched the bright object crossing slowly, as would a jet, northward. Several seconds later, we both saw the bright sphere simply fade away. Clearly, the ETs were signaling once again their presence and participation in communicating with all of us.

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