9th communication

Great night.  We reponsive strobing from an orb.  Not sure why they wont come closer? Any input as to why they don’t come closer to communicate?

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  1. John Smith

    It may have to do with how many people were there.And the anxiety of everyone.Although in contacts with a group of people is really great.It can have it’s limitations due to someone who might be in a state of negative high anxiety.Being excited but afraid.The last thing the entity wants do do is cause panic in even one out of the many that may be there.Example if you loved someone so much and had not seen them for so long.they had been lost or something.And you some how got the knowledge .That even now that you had the means to see them it would cause a medical problem.Would you then only think of yourself and go see them anyways.No compassionate person or being would having the information ? Just a thought.Everyone will have their own thoughts on a given situation.

  2. Roland

    I have experienced the same – flashing orbs at a distance in group meetings. I then invited ET to make individual connection with me at home which they did telepathically. This could be an option for you if you feel you are comfortable with this. I would certainly encourage you to do this if so :) My experience (and it is only that – personal experience. Yours may be different), after 3 consecutive nights of open invitation during deep state meditation I became aware of a different noise within my mind. I allowed a process of ‘tuning in’ as I could tell the communication was a bit garbled, I then received very clear and loud speech in a thick American accent too lol. As I am Australian, I found this very interesting. My third eye was then opened without my having any intention to do so and I was shown a series of images. I share this just to give an idea of what is possible, though perhaps you have already done this and it is old news to you :) In any event, good luck, I wish you all the best!
    Regards, Roland

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