3-5 June CE-5 weekend in Lisbon area (Portugal)

Our ET friends came at the beginning of the first night and greeted us flashing their lights. We were so happy! On the second night they did not show in the sky, but we know they can manifest in the most extraordinary ways…

And so, something beautiful happened. Both nights we were surrounded by dozens of fireflies flying around us all the time, like magical tiny orbs. Somehow it could be a manifestation of our friends’ presence in a perfect match with natural element

What I felt was that they we asking us to look inside and establish contact from the heart, rather than looking for visual effects in the sky. We were called to BE in Love, to find the way to our heart and then expand to every living being, below and above.

We received a huge wave of Love frequencies for us to anchor in a conscious way. 

For many of us it was more profound on the second night, when we did a meditation from one of Dr. Greer’s book, very well guided by one of the members of our group.

And there were also beautiful moments when we did chant Gayatri mantra during the night circles. That mantra is very powerful, for it helps us centring in our hearts, expanding love and establishing a profound connection to the supreme divine Being, or God.

We all had the mantra running inside autonomously for several days after the weekend retreat. That was really meaningful!

They showed more intensely during our sessions and meditations indoors, where intimacy and cohesion was more profound. We all felt like we were vibrating in new frequencies and many had strong experiences and visions.

All the time they were inviting us to look within and to create cohesion with each other. One of the nights there was a moment when I was looking to the sky, asking them to show up, and I felt something or someone gently pushing my head down. I realized they were telling me to look inside.

We understood that contact starts within ourselves, and then with the cohesion of our hearts as a group. We had moments of intense love, and came back home filled with wonderful energy. The message was clear: we are anchoring these frequencies, and must expand them in our daily lives, in every circle we belong to, in every place we go. This is how the shift happens.

This is not exactly news, but it is such a blessing to live a practical experience where it is so clearly shown to us!

And when driving to Lisbon, a friend saw a spaceship escorting my car, where we were. Isn’t that a blessing?


These beings are so caring and patient with us. I’m so grateful!

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  1. andrew

    You and our ET family are so right!! For many years as an in-the-closet expereincer i would see things from the inside AND the outside, with the occasional “download” to boot. With ETLetsTalk, I have connected to a larger worldwide community. I have become stronger in my meditation and have had many purposeful expereinces, experiences that are not so random like before. Also, I become an open and clear channel to receive downloads which is how I believe we will communicate freely with our ET family, by telepathy. I’ve been with small groups that are either too focused on the “nuts and bolts”, “kick the tires ” approach to CE5, or with other groups that are caught up with the idea of the agenda of the “evil ETs” Neither of those are healthy. We need to cultivate that spiritual balance in order to becpme those citizen ambassadors to the universe. Continued Godspeed and success for your efforts in Portugal!! Andrew

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